Children, parents and I can't dance

I can't dance

- "Maestra What's written on the shirt?"
- "I can't, I dance"
-What does it mean?
I reply that the dance is what we like to do more in the world.
She looks into her eyes and smiles.
At that moment, in that instant that unites us and unifies us, the perception of a dance-style project is born, also enlarged to children and children.
"Our fashion" is the title of a drawing that will donate me, then, a student of mine and that I still keep.
An imageNaïf, as are those of children, but dense of meanings to be grasped, like all their spontaneous and true productions.
There is a pride of belonging to the wider world of dance, that of the étoile of their dreams. Healthy emulation with the groups of the most adults, which makes them feel bigger. The joy of wearing "goodies", which only the teacher has in that big bag from Mary Poppins. T-shirts and sweatshirts with dance shoes prints that mix to form hearts, tips tied by ribbons and embossed satin flakes, tangible and iridescent. Written dedicated to ballerinas, an identity to feel and show. They are colored, shiny, paillettate. There are special suits to go to dance school "How to have" comfortable and fashionable great. Golden bags,Silvered, with peluches, pink dance in all nuances. The first tee crops, which make so much dancer and shorts that show the leg of the legs ... and much more!
And then there is that phrase, "I can't, I danced" that, as you grow up, you understand more and more and more and more makes your heart beat and engraves to move forward, with determination.
Pure mothers, wear them. More and more often, more and more numerous. Fully right, although not dancers. Next to the daughters, they share the path every day. A scrupulous and challenging work of Supporter, which also leads to us often "I can't, I danced", sacrificing themselves. However, they do it with a smile on leprosy, because soon, the passion of the daughters becomes pride and is shared. And there is nothing more beautiful and educational. Feeling together is the meaning of understanding deeper.
We like to fix these moments in photographs in stock shots, spread them in our catalogs, like good seeds. That is, arctures of these unique experiences, but we hope, more and more, only in substance. Be witnesses and witnessing the small great magic of dance.
When the schemes and roles break and enjoy the privilege of being all, children and large together.

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