The pride of being sponsor

Liliana Cosi, Andre de la Roche, my Molinari

Yes, finally my suitcase has really filled and not just dreams! This time good charge reaches the brands where the long-awaited dance event of the summer is waiting for the Movement Dance Award.
The Movement Dance Festival
The Movement Dance Festival stands out for its wealth of its assets given by 21 years of editions, for the variety and wide territorial diffusion in the city with certain characteristics (Pescara, Macerata, Porto Recanati, Porto San Giorgio), which represent e They tell a culture and an identity heritage of undisputed charm, not always appropriately enhanced.
Summer and dance as growth
The promotion of this extraordinary resource can become an effective development and growth engine. It is, in fact, of a formidable asset able to promote the tourism development of the territories. As well as the development of artisanal, productive and commercial activities, to catalyze a public-private integrated project, to promote innovative formulas of tourist hospitality. To enhance the territorial image starting from the recovery of the building and landscape heritage of the places.
Summer in Porto San Giorgio
This year the festival will take place in Porto San Giorgio from 17 to 24 July 2021, at the Spinnaker village. A perfect combination that bridges a week of artistic training at a wonderful vacation even with the family. While young people will be engaged between lessons, laboratories and tests, parents can dive into the pool. Or there are a bathroom in the beautiful Marche sea or even devoting themselves to desserts moments in the spa. The goal of this internship is to offer a week of quality dance at a cost almost zero. In fact, the students will have a 100% scholarship, a very rare occasion of these times.
Space to multiple activities
In addition to the traditional classical, modern, contemporary, musical dance lessons, hip hop, dance theater and even Heels, there will be multiple activities including: the competition with major national and international scholarships, the gala (made with laboratories Kept by teachers during the training week), and theme nights (wanted by the organization to cement fundamental artistic artistic friendships to spread the message of fundamental aggregation in this historical period that sees us protagonists).
The organization for the summer
The organizer of the festival and artistic director is the international choreographer Paolo Londi. I am truly honored to be part of the organization of the event and to keep numerous classical and modern dance lessons. The other guests of the event are all prestigious professionals. Like Liliana Cosi, Andre de la Roche, Mia Molinari, Joseph Fontano, Kristian Cellini, George Postelnicu, Barbara Melica, Mauro Paccarie ', Giacomo Molinari, Loredana Avagliano, Katya Modolo, Riccardo Sabatiello.
Official partner of the event are the well-known brand of clothing for dance I can't have dance that will donate prizes to the competition and we will pay teachers and dancers with their articles and radios that will keep your listeners up to date with all the initiatives of the festival.
A different way to live the summer between sunshine, sea but above all with excellent dance !!!!

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