School Academy 49-Cesena


These are the magnificent photos of the girls in the acrobatic dance group, led by teacher Sara Tisselli, of the Academy 49 school in Cesena.
They have sent them with all the energy proper of their discipline, their way of being and the teaching of their "explosive" teacher Sara.
With the same enthusiasm, immediate and extroverted, they wear our bosses "I can't, I dance" and communicate it in every way possible. With wide smiles, in the balance in the vacuum, on suspended aerial structures and pure upside down and legs to the air.
To demonstrate a passion for dance and for "I can't, I have dance", which transcends every limit, pure the laws of balance and gravity.
A beautiful testimony of physical and inner strength and allegiance to our brand : intense, young, energizing. We feel "relieved" too upward, "pulled out" for a moment from the "quicksands" of this historic period and projected up, down, forward, in a movement that is life.

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