Modal is one of the most used natural fibers among eco-sustainable fabrics. Obtained from sustainably grown beech wood, the pulp of which is bleached using ecological methods. It boasts various certifications including: Oeko-Tex, Animal Free, VeganOK, biodegradability, No GMOs.

    Modal has a fine, smooth, fresh and velvety surface, it creates a silk-like touch effect. Modal is part of the viscose family.
    It is also called vegetable silk, by virtue of its silky and airy consistency which remains even after countless washings.

    It is a breathable, thermoregulating and anti-microbial fabric that maintains quality and comfort over time, with the same ease of management and long-lasting use. Fact: Modal garments are easy to wash, too  in the washing machine, they dry quickly, do not lose their shape, do not fade or shrink.

    Ideal fabric for sportswear, for its hygroscopic capacity, which leaves the skin dry from sweat and for the lightness that fits the body without the slightest weight.

    This makes it an ad hoc fabric for dancers' clothing and “I can't, I dance” aims to be its production leader, in its collections.

    By purchasing the suits you will get a 10% discount and the new back pack
    complimentary double-wear organic cotton.