• Choose the cover of the Card that is most suitable for your gift.
    • Select from the programmed amounts: €10.00, €20.00, €35.00, €50.00, €70.00, €100.00. Or assign an amount to your liking.
    • In addition to your gift, you can send a written greeting message and, if you wish, also a video message recorded at the moment. "Words, music, dances, songs, in freedom". Alone or in a group with friends for the happiest wishes ❤️.
    • It is possible to send the Card to the recipient immediately. Or postdating it, to a pre-established date.
    • At the end of these steps, the link to access the Gift Card page will automatically be sent to the recipient via email and text message. There he will find: 1) the code number of the Gift Card received. 2) Greetings message and video message 👍
    • The Gift Card codes sent have no expiry date and can also be used partially, being able to use them later, as residual credits.
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