Who we are


My name is Carlotta Pia, I am 28 years old and I am a ballet dancer and a ballet teacher. One day, in the fall of 2012, returning from dance, I had "an illumination." I realized that the phrase "I can't, I have dance" had uttered it so many times, in my life as a dancer, almost daily ... and so it was also for my companions. He acked us. "I can't, I have dance" it was us!
And it was worth wearing it, this sentence, a bit to not waste time repeating it, in voice, constantly, and above all to bring it, with others, like a slogan, a motto. So, I immediately talked about it to my dad, who has been running a Fashion Design study for years. We produced some t-shirts for friends. Simple : wide neckline model and only the logo "I can't, I have dance". They liked it right away, so much as to create a kind of "invasement." Everyone asked me !!! I started to widen the tour to other schools in the city, then started the adventure of online selling. Still it is our preferential channel, because it gives us the satisfaction of direct contact with our audience, I would say our friends, because this phrase binds us in a common feel. We have become a "company," maybe not even so imaginary. A great company! Next to the graphics, old and new, we love to match a few phrases, some thought, poems ... for most of my mom who routinely writes. Hers is also the poem "We dancers ..." which has now become our "anthem". The photographic images that we use on the page, or in our stands, are carried out by my dad, who is also a dance photographer. It is natural, therefore, that often "rest" I or my little almils, my friends / friends dancers and musical performers. It can be said, therefore, that we are a very genuine and true "phenomenon". I think it is this, which is being transposed instinctively, by you who follow us : affection for affection