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Scuola Professione Danza Parma



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All the articles in the catalog with the logo Non Posso, ho Danza are customizable with the integration of the School logo. More, by choice, the name of the staff and the pupils.
The school logo can, at the customer's choice, be prioritized in the image over Non Posso, ho Danza. We provide free advice for any particular request.
 Preventive Request
To request a quote, simply download the appropriate form below, indicating the code of the item chosen and the approximate number of quantities requested.
 Minimum order of order is not required.
The "Notes" space is dedicated to any further needs. Once you have received the form we will get in touch with the contact person of the School to discuss the project together and timelines. The quote form will have to be sent to the email address :
Choice-Mini catalogue and sampler
Once you have decided on the articles to customize, you will be handed over to the School itself a mini catalogue. In parallel, a sample will be provided, for the vision of the prototype and the choice of sizes.
Extra customization 
On request it is possible to customize the suit with the name of the teacher or student, with an extra cost of € 3.50.



Non Posso, ho Danza rewards schools and companies that adhere to the affiliate project divided and customizable accessories, with a 10% return cash back on the total order value.

The earned cash will be reclaimed at the school itself and we fiscally regularized. The collaboration, as a winning strategy, aims to be an advantage both for the seller, and for the buyer, being the cash back proportional to sale. .

A strategy aimed at favoring commercial operations, stimulate purchases and create a return for the school itself. The economic recovery for the dance sector is a gear that also needs small choices and shared economic initiatives, to get back into motion.

Win-win affiliation
The moment the school will make the order, a special coupon code will be specifically created by its students for purchases on our e-commerce

The purchase carried out through the code (it is necessary to insert it at the time of payment in the appropriate box) It will give the opportunity to have a 10% discount at the buyer, which in turn, through this coded code, will credit a percentage of earnings to the school itself. Everything occurs transparently, accrediting your account to the school. Thus, through the code itself, you can check the sales made. .

At monthly maturity the profile or paypal earnings percentage will be regularized to the school.

This earnings plan does not involve any commercial restriction, the school can reveal it without any notice.



Who thinks the relationship between who sells and who buys is only commercial and that ends with the shipment of a package? Of course "I can't, I dancing" No!
Thousands of images and feedback testify to it. We collect photos from theaters and shows, from classes, internships, holidays. Selfie of artists, students, teachers ... up to parents and amateurs. All wearing our logo, like a slogan that binds us deeply. POST collections, dedications, messages, mail, comments, letters and confidences, are a precious flow of circular energy. The value of a true communication, because shared on the notes of the same passion.
It is a theme, that of dialogue, which is expensive and leads us to set up new spaces to give it more and more expression. To this end, our blog platform: "We blog" The diary of "I can't, I dance" and our social pages have become a meeting point and exchange of information regarding 360 degree dance. Open diary. Pages to read and sign. To write about the wave of emotions or events to make known, witness.
We have reserved a special space for schools affiliated to our project divided "The pride of belonging", in order to enhance their visibility, through photos that will be published and updating the initiatives in progress in the school year (internships, shows , contests, projects ...).

This communication corner is also shared with the members of the Association Association of Italy A.D.I. to which we are official partners and suppliers.

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