Vittorio Galloro

Vittorio Galloro is currently the first guest dancer in many theaters and works of Europe: Opera Roma, work of Bucharest, Perm Opera, Sofia Opera, the work of Macedonia, the work of Maribor, Lubijana Opera, national work of Saratov, Russia.
He was born in Naples on October 3, 1979, he has his first approach with dance at the age of ten years in a private suburban school, in 1991-92 he entered the school of the S.Carlo Theater in Naples under the direction of Anna Razzi In 1997-98 he moved to the National School of the Cuba ballet and graduated as a dancer and teacher.
In 1997 he participated in the international ballet competition Havana (Cuba) winning the silver medal. In the same year he won the silver medal in the international ballet competition Vignale Danza (Italy). The following year, in 1998, he participated again in the Balletto Havana (Cuba) international competition, where he won the silver medal in his category and prize to the best couple of the competition.
In 2001 he participated in the Rome Prize, where he received the silver medal and prize at the best Italian dancer of the competition. In 2003 he participated in the same competition receiving the bronze medal in his he category.
In 2008 he participated in the Rudolf Nureyev Competition, in Budapest where he is a finalist and receives a special jury prize.
Professional work: The European Ballet of London as the first dancer, a classic ballet company so Stefanescu as the first dancer, Budapest ballet as a soloist, national ballet of Prague as a soloist. He has danced in more than one hundred theaters all over the world, he participated in many shows in Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, Santo Domingo and in 2000 at the Ulan Festival Bata in Mongolia.
In 2008 he was invited to the work of Budapest to the gala of the free competition at Rudolf Nureyev.
In August and December 2010 he participated in the gala "Thanks Rudy" dancing with artists such as Alen Bottani, Lisa Cullum, Joel Carreno, Jolanda Correa, Adeline Pastor and many others.
August 2010 receives a career recognition Al Loano Danza Festival, Liguria. In October 2010 he was a guest at the Gala of Stars of Dance in Erfurt, Germany; November 2010 guest at the Galà talent of dance in Venice. March 2011 guest at the dance gala "Thanks Rudy" in Milan; May 2011 Guest at the Gran Gala of Dance City of Rome.
Vittorio has danced many steps to two of the classic repertoire such as:Don chisciotte,
Corsaro, flames of Paris, Arlecchinada, Tchaikowski Pas de Deux, Mercante and the slave, Gran Pas Classique, Paquitaand neoclassicals of various authors.