FELPA UNISEX - Non Posso, Ho Danza.
FELPA UNISEX - Non Posso, Ho Danza.
FELPA UNISEX - Non Posso, Ho Danza.
FELPA UNISEX - Non Posso, Ho Danza.
FELPA UNISEX - Non Posso, Ho Danza.
FELPA UNISEX - Non Posso, Ho Danza.
FELPA UNISEX - Non Posso, Ho Danza.


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Loose coat, regular length, to be carried out of it than inside the pants according to the 1980s style of trend. Low shoulder, stick at the bottom of the sleeve and at the bottom of the torso. Capsule with adjustable backdrop. Pearl grey. Small print logo transfer, on the front, A custom label on the hood, also useful for hanging the head. It forms a complete suit with the Panta both crop and long, of the same color and fabric. The neutral shade makes it compatible with any other "above" of the collection. Unisex. Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester. Cuts: S/M, M/L. Euro 39,90



Our lightweight Alvin model. Must of the street chic daily. Suitable baggy. Enrichment with elastic and adjustable backdrop in life. Inner elastic at the bottom of the leg. Inner side pockets wired. Maxi prints logo in clear white transfer. Unisex. Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester. Cuts: Single cut (S/M). Unisex. Euro 39,90

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To how much do the forwarding expenses amount?The forwarding is free in the whole Italy, included islands(For whom it improves in mark they will be added 2,50 Euro of commission of the messenger. The sum will not appear in the checkout trolley but they will be added in forwarding phase).

Where can I receive my order?To the moment of the purchase you will be able to indicate the address to which it wants to receive your orders (excluded postal compartments).

 How much uses the order to be reached?The delivery times are within 24 hours at the moment of the delivery to the messenger. The delivery to the deposit is made the following day of the purchase. For the delivery in the islands are needed 1-2 working days.

 How does the forwarding happen? Within the hours 20:00 the moment of the delivery to the deposit of the messenger GLS the tracciabilità link will be notified via e-mail. We will send an e-mail message after the hours 20:00 the moment of the delivery to the messenger GLS in order that the forwarding confirms to you with the code of monitoring of the order (with link to the Web site of the messenger).



We ship to Europe in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary. Shipping costs altars 6 00 € for purchases under 50 00 €, shipping is free for orders over 50 00 €.


The expenses of withdrawal and forwarding are to Nphd s.a.s cargo., in all that he shares integrally of our service.

On the grounds of the dlgs 206/2005 the client has right of changing or returning the purchased product. For changes and returned the address is prayed to contact – within 14 days of the day of the delivery (it makes faith the receipt of the messenger) – through e-mailinfo@nonpossohodanza.itindicating name, surname, address, city and cap postal, the date of purchase, the used manner of payment, the reason of the change / returned.

The products to be changed or to be returned will have to be sent to: Nphd s.a.s – c/o I Hit the centre of The Citadel – road Benjamin Franklin 31, I block A5 – 43122 Parma (PR).

Possible total or partial repayments will be supplied within 7 days of the moment of the return of the goods in warehouse.

“I cannot, have dance.” the right is booked to refuse the communicated restitutions or you send after the prearranged period or those articles that do not present the same conditions of reception.